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Knut Holt

Either everyone must reduce the energy consume dramatically, that means living like poor people in many ways, or one must use all alternative energy sources, inclusing nuclear energy.

And unfortunately all the alternative sources are expensive and not as environmentalfriendly as believed.

Ken Collier (Alberta, Canada)

The heading for this section is INSURANCE, yet there is no information about personal household insurance and liability for nuclear radiation damage. Broadly speaking, insurance for nuclear radiation damage is not available anywhere in the world. Here's a brief rundown by a Canadian author, whose text includes the US history of lack of home insurance and nuclear liability: http://www.ccnr.org/insurance.html

Russell Lowes

Hi Ken,
Good anthology. Thanks for the tip. Indeed, the whole system of support and subsidy is well in place for nuclear energy -- more than for any other energy source. There is a great report at http://www.earthtrack.net/files/legacy_library/FiscalFission.pdf
By the way, Earthtrack is a website dedicated to tracking subsidies of energy industries. They are open-source oriented, and invite contributors to help build up the site. Very cool.

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